From Taiwan... but singing in Swazi

Five days to go back home
Like every year the “Goodwill ambassadors” from the Diocese of Taichung (Taiwan) came to serve in our diocese and country. Unfortunately I was away during most of the time they were in Swaziland. 

The good news was that some of them stayed longer than the others (21 days) and I was able to meet them one evening during supper at our Catholic Centre.

One by one shared their experience in the past few weeks. Some of them had been here last year and they were back to a familiar place. The rest came this year for the very first time.

The first thing they always note is the warm welcome given to them not only by our diocese but by everyone. They are surprised at people greeting them on the street asking to know more about their visit.

The next one is... poverty. They are not here on holidays but to serve and to do it particularly to those who need it most. In this way they are being taken to different parts of the country and visit families and orphans. For months they worked in Taiwan collecting what could be of help to them. They are aware that it might be a drop in the ocean but they are also aware the impact it has in their lives.

"Meeting families, we came across people that are sick. We are not doctors but there were two things we could do: visit them and ...sing for them. Music is powerful!". They gave me a taste and surprised me (and I believe everyone they met!) when I heard them singing in our local language.

I thank them not only for what they have done during these days but for all the work done to prepare this visit. In fact, a huge container arrived a month before their visit packed with things they had collected to support the poorest in the country. They wanted to make sure it would be here by the time they arrived. Not many might be aware of how much it takes to make all this possible.

Looking forward to their visit next year. May God bless them!

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