A morning with our seminarians


As we regularly do during their holidays, a few days' ago, the seminarians of the diocese of Manzini came together for a morning with the bishop.

The diocese has six seminarians. Three of them are at the very beginning of the journey which is done at St Francis Xavier seminary (Cape Town). The other three are at St John Vianney seminary (Pretoria).

The first year - where three of them are at present - is a year that "introduces" them to the journey and it is very different from the following one. It is a time to strengthen their knowledge of the English language. They are also introduced to "research skills and methodology". Both very much needed for their studies. 

Their formation is not just intellectual and therefore they are introduced to other dimensions of the journey: human growth, faith development, spirituality, liturgy and integrity in ministry. 

Two of our seminarians at St John Vianney, took these holidays to prepare for next year's "internship", a time when they will not be at the seminary but in one of our parishes. In this case, one will be placed at Good Shepherd Parish (Siteki) and the other one at Mater Dolorosa Parish (Mbabane).

The last one will be finishing his studies next May and will be back in our diocese.

As we meet at the diocesan offices, we normally start with the celebration of the Mass allowing some space to share on the readings of the day. Then, each one of them has some personal time with the bishop. We then have a moment together for matters that affect them all and we finish with lunch. 

We are grateful to all those in our diocese (and beyond!) who supports their journey in so many different ways: being in touch with them, praying and supporting the diocese financially. 

At the beginning of August we will be having a fundraising event for our seminarians thanks to our ongoing partnership with the Jesuit Institute South Africa. While supporting the diocese financially, we all get an opportunity to deepen in our faith. Looking forward to it!