Meeting the Swazi Servite Sisters

Taking advantage of the schools' break, the Swazi Servite Sisters gathered for a few days to share on their life and call. 

I was invited to join them on Saturday morning. I had just arrived from Rome and was still enjoying the spirit of our "ad limina" visit. 

I guess it was somehow natural to tell them about the meeting we had with Pope Francis and his famous way of starting by saying: "the ball is at the centre... who starts?"

While they were thinking who "would start" with some questions I shared a bit on our experience in Rome. Then, it was their turn and for a good hour we shared on our ideas for the future...
  • we spoke about a vocational year that would help our youth know better the call to religious life and all the religious communities deepen on their own charisms;
  • being visited by the bishop in their local communities to know better their specific service to the people of God in every place;
  • the importance of building better teams with the diocesan and religious priests of the diocese;
While there are other religious communities in the dioceses, the Swazi Servite Sisters are the only local congregation which points to a special partnership with the bishop. The sharing was good and we hope to do it regularly both at local and diocesan level.