Visiting the communities: Mthwadlana

As I normally do, whenever I do not have confirmations in the Vicariate of Ingwavuma, I take the opportunity to visit the communities on Sunday. This time I was at St Dominic's (Mthwadlana), St Joseph's (Matshemhlophe) and St Martin's (Ezibayeni).

St Dominic's is a small community with many young people (indeed there were few adults on Sunday). They gather for Mass or the celebration of the Word in a rondavel of one of the families. 

Most of them were already there when I arrived just after 7 in the morning. A couple of them asked to go with me to the second Mass. I explained I was not coming back on the same road. They had no problem, they would go back home on foot. 

The final hymn of the Mass was the angelus and I recorded part of it.
It can be downloaded and heard by clicking HERE

(The download is now working. Sorry about it!)