WYD: Joyful spirit

I was thinking that it would be good to share other "joyful moments" experienced these days. Like the one in the photo above. At the "Vocations Fair" there was an image of Pope Francis as if he was given a blessing. People would go close to it and have pictures taken. While others tried how they'd look if they would choose to join religious life...

or the popular hat that looked like a Bishop's miter...

As soon as I arrived in Brazil I was told about the first miracle of Pope Francis:
"He has made Brazilians love an Argentinian".
As a Brazilian Bishop told me (seriously this time):
"we are delighted with him and we pray God will grant him a very long life"

But it was Pope Francis in an interview with Globo (Brazil) who, speaking about the historic rivalry between Argentina and Brazil said: "It is over because we have reached an agreement: the Pope is from Argentina but God is Brazilian".


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