Celebrating St Stephen's

December 26 is the feast of St Stephen. In some countries, like Swaziland, it happened to be a public holiday (though not because of the Saint). That gives a chance to the community of St Stephen to come together every year to celebrate their patronal feast. It is a day for the community and even non-Catholics join them for the celebration.

St Stephen's is an outstation of Our Lady of Assumption (Cathedral) and is just a few minutes' away from Manzini.

The feast included the celebration of baptisms and first communion of some of their children. Quite a number of children faithfully attend the celebration of Mass on Sundays. The catechists then prepare them for the celebration of the sacraments of initiation on this day.

Mass is then followed by a meal together. Everyone is invited. During the "Advent Season" a list of what is needed is presented and all the members of the community commit themselves to provide it. 

Once everyone had eaten, it was the turn for the choir to close the gathering with a few hymns they had prepared. 

Watch St Stephen's choir