Zimbabwe: Church leaders statement on national crisis

Just received the statement released by Church leaders in Zimbabwe

"We, as Church leaders in Zimbabwe (see the names in the footnotes), concerned and alarmed by the unfortunate unfolding events in our beloved country, saddened by the political, social and economic meltdown, which has caused untold suffering of the masses and the resultant civic unrest and violence that has erupted across the land and the failure by our Government and almost all political leaders to be responsive to the cries of our people.

Concerned by the apparent disregard of the Constitution of Zimbabwe by the police and Government through selective application of the law, failure to decisively deal with corruption, exclusion of citizens in determining their destiny and the politicization of people’s genuine complaints and pains;
We are concerned about intra- party conflicts that are distracting Government from dealing with real economic and social issues that are affecting the country."

Click HERE to download the full text