The Catholic Church in the Diocese of Manzini turns 100

"On the 26th January 2014, the Church in Manzini will hold centenary celebrations.  The work begun by Italian Servite missionaries has borne fruits with the local personnel taking a lead in pastoral work. Swaziland’s only diocese, Manzini, already had two local-born bishops, MandleNkhosi Zwane and Ncamiso Ndlovu OSM who are both late.

The celebrations will be led by the Apostolic Administrator, Bishop José Luis Ponce de Leon IMC, and a high delegation from the Vatican is expected.  The Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference has decided to hold its plenary meeting in Swaziland to coincide with this occasion."

This has just been published by the electronic newsletter of the SACBC (Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference). 

On the 27 January 2013 a small group of Servite brothers and priests crossed into Swaziland from South Africa and stayed in Mbabane where after a few days bought a plot where "Mater Dolorosa" is today. 

At our last plenary session it was decided that, instead of coming to Swaziland for the celebrations, the whole plenary session should be held in the Kingdom. It might be the first time it happens. All the Bishops will be in Swaziland for one week. 

For that reason, the Secretary General of the Conference, Sr Hermenegild Makoro, came to Manzini for a day to start the preparations.

Jokingly we showed her a room with 24 beds where nearly all the bishops could stay (photo). There's a similar one next to it where the female members could stay!

We are grateful to Sr Makoro for coming to Swaziland and help us all start preparing for this huge event in the life of the Catholic Church.