Pentecost at Our Lady of Assumption (Cathedral)

Every year the communities of the Cathedral come together to the "mother Church" for the celebration of the feast of Pentecost. On that day all those who were baptised and confirmed on the Easter Vigil celebrate in a special way the gift of the Spirit received through those sacraments.

It is also the "end" of their formation journey because they still met weekly after Easter to deepen on their faith.

For Pentecost they had asked for a special blessing upon them. I therefore called them all closer to the altar and reminded them that on the Easter Vigil they had committed themselves to different services in the community: serving the poor, being ushers, teaching catechism, joining the choir... "I believe it would be a good opportunity for you to report back on what you have done in the last 50 days". Some were more than ready to do it. Others looked down not sure what to say.

After Mass (and the group photo!) following a tradition, we all went out for lunch with the catechists and godparents. We were asked to say a few words before the meal. 

Godparents underlined the importance of their service and they would continue to journey with them for the rest of their lives. 

Sr Alexia (their catechist) invited them to a monthly meeting so that they would continue understanding their faith better. 

They thanked all of us who patiently helped them reach such an important moment in their lives.