Graduates at UNISWA

With graduates and Fr Joseph Nguyen SDB

A couple of weeks' ago I was invited by the Catholic students at the UNISWA Kwaluseni Campus to preside the celebration of Mass in thanksgiving for the new graduates. I had to decline because of another appointment in one of our parishes. Just that, the following day, I was told that the appointment had been postponed to a further date in the future and I was suddenly free to join our tertiary students.

I had been there two or three years' ago on a Saturday afternoon. This time we did it on Sunday morning at the time they usually meet. The chapel is interdenominational. The Catholic community uses it from 10.30 to 12.30. 

Like the previous time, Mass was followed by a session of "Questions and answers" with the bishop. They ask, the bishop answers as he is supposed to have an answer to every question!

Not only Catholic students were present. Catholic professors too. During the Q&A session, they shared their own experience of faith. Some of them come from countries with a much stronger Catholic presence. 

The Q&A session had to come to an end when the food arrived. As I said, it was for practical reasons. If I would continue answering questions... I would not have a chance to eat! They agreed and we proceeded to thank God for the food and for those who prepared it.