Time with the seminarians of our diocese

The diocese of Manzini is blessed with six seminarians doing their formation at St John Vianney (Pretoria, South Africa). Twice a year at least they are back in the diocese for their holidays. Well... there are not real "holidays" in the journey to the priesthood.

Their time in the diocese is divided between days in a parish and days at home with their families. 

We also find time to spend half a day with the bishop and this is what we did on Friday. They all came to the bishop's house in Manzini.

We decided we would start with the celebration of the Mass. The liturgy of the day presented the calling of Matthew to follow Jesus. It was a good opportunity to share on the choices Jesus made when calling people to follow him. I always wonder the face the apostles put when they saw Jesus calling Matthew out of all people to join the group...!

It also helped us to reflect on the choices we make as a Church, as a diocese, in our parishes... Jesus raised people's eyes: ‘Why does your master eat with tax collectors and sinners?’

After Mass we met for a while. It is our time to catch up with news of the diocese and about their journey at the seminary. They are free to ask anything they need to know and to share ideas for the future.

Then, as usual, we finished with lunch. Soon they will be back in the seminary.

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