Be defined by who you are (Archbishop Peter Wells)

The Apostolic Nuncio's visit to the Diocese of Manzini (Swaziland) concluded with a morning spent with the priests and religious serving our diocese.

We planned to have three moments: an hour or so of questions and answers, the celebration of Mass at the Cathedral and to close our gathering with lunch.

Most of the priests and religious were present. They arrived expecting to be addressed by Archbishop Peter Wells but soon discovered that he wanted to open the floor to any questions they might have. 

He shared on the importance of "listening" and what he was once told: "never fear the one who talks, fear the one who listens"

The sharing moved from pastoral issues (as polygamous marriages and giving a voice to the voiceless) to the challenges Pope Francis puts to our Church today finishing with ... "what is the job of an Apostolic Nuncio?"

During the celebration of Mass, Archbishop Wells invited us first of all to "Let go, let God". There are so many things we cannot control. We are not responsible for everything as if it is our duty to save the world. It is Jesus Christ who conquered the world. 

He then underlined the importance of being defined by who we are and not by what we do. He share five points for us to take home:
  • Prayer. No matter how we do it but he asked us to make sure we make time for prayer.
  • Read, to be aware of what is going on in the world and theologically
  • Work with the Bishop who is both a father and a brother. 
  • Love with our heart and our soul those entrusted to our care; to be fathers and mothers.
  • Honesty.  First of all to be honest with ourselves, with who we are. When facing personal problems, to look for help in our brother priest or sister and not be embarrassed. 

Because of the number of the participants we had two photos: one with the priests and the second one with the female religious.

After Mass, we were all back at the bishop's house for a "finger lunch" that allowed us to interact with the Apostolic Nuncio and with each other.