Mary Help of Christians

Sunday 21st May was the day chosen for the consecration of the new church at Gebeni (an outstation of St John Bosco Parish, Malkerns). Being called: "Mary Help of Christians" we wanted it to be celebrated close to its feast (May 24).

I had been there last year for the blessing of the plot where it would be built. I had not been able to visit them again during the building and going back today was a great surprise. Not only it is a beautiful church but I also discovered the artistic gifts of Fr Joseph Nguyen SDB.

He had taken care of every detail and done the paintings inside and outside the Church. He explained the main one at the back of the booklet given to all the people:
All our life speaks to us of God because Christ has taken our human joys and sorrows unto himself: “the world, or life, or death, or the present, or the future, all are yours; and you are Christ’s; and Christ is God’s"  (1 Corinthians 3:23).
That is why the Christ at the centre is surrounded by the "ordinary activities" of our daily lives. 

The celebration was well attended both by Catholics from the community and from the rest of the outstations of the parish. People from the area also joined us too. It must have been very impressive to have witness the presence of the "Salesian Brass Band" leading our procession from the the classrooms where they used to have Mass to the new building. 

This church is a gift from Catholics in Vietnam where Fr Joseph Nguyen SDB comes from. Whenever he goes on holidays he shares with his community about possible projects in our diocese. One cannot but be touched by the generosity of the Church in Vietnam which challenges us to open our eyes to the needs of others beyond the borders of our country.

After Mass, there was some entertainment by the youth of the area and some gifts for the bishop! 

Click below for photos of the celebration

2017SZ_Mary Help of Christians