St John Vianney... small and vibrant!

Finally a "free Sunday". Free to continue visiting the communities of the Diocese of Manzini (Swaziland). I started visiting them in 2014 and have not finished yet!

This time I went to "St John Vianney" under Regina Mundi (Piggs Peak) Parish. Fr Khuluse, the parish priest, was grateful I would be going as he would be celebrating Mass at a new outstation of the parish. A great sign of a Church that keeps on growing.

As usual... I needed help. I do not know where people meet. I was asked to be at a T-junction by 8.45. As I was approaching the place I realized someone was already waiting for me. The church was not far from there.

Just by the road, this is one of the few churches we still have in wood. When I got of the car I found that it was full: men and women, young people and children. They were ready to start the celebration.

Small community and very vibrant. The small choir beautifully led all the hymns. Every detail of the celebration had been properly prepared.

Before the final blessing they shared with me that their community had been gathering at this place for the last ten years and they believed it was time for them to build a proper church. 

I could not agree more!

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