IMBISA: New standing committee

During the 11th plenary session held in Maseru (Lesotho), a new IMBISA standing committee was elected. Three members were elected during the plenary and the rest were appointed by the different Bishops' conferences members of IMBISA.

Lucio Andrice Muandula, bishop of Xai-Xai, Mozambique (fourth from left) is the new president following the two terms done by Bishop Frank Nubuasah SDV (Francistown, Botswana).

Gerard Tlali Lerotholi OMI, archbishop of Maseru, Lesotho (third from left) was elected vice-president.

Robert Ndlovu, archbishop of Harare, Zimbabwe (second from left) was re-elected secretary general.

Their service started at the end of the 11th plenary session and their first meeting will be held next March in Harare (Zimbabwe) at the IMBISA offices.

Left: Archbishop Lerotholi OMI
Centre: Bishop Frank Nubuasah SDV
Right: Bishop Muandula
Bishop Muandula thanked Bishop Nubuasah SDV for accepting the challenge to lead IMBISA for the last six years. 

"This is an institution of communion among the bishops which depends on the efforts of each one of us. We lived an extraordinary moment of communion during these days in which we communicated to each other with great freedom. This is a great foundation for the future" he said.

He then invited every bishop to share his pastoral letters or communications with the rest of IMBISA as a practical tool which will help continue building this communion among the bishops in the future.

He encouraged the different bishops' conferences to do the same. "Whenever a bishops' conference chooses a certain theme or plan of actions, it will be very important to share this with each other. We do not need to wait for office in Harare to do it. Not everything has to come from the office. There is material being produced in the different countries which could be of great help to each other."

Bishop Muandula thanked Bp Sipuka (IMBISA's delegate to SECAM) for his faithfulness in reporting back on what happened at every SECAM meeting. He asked the same attitude from each member of the standing committee representing the different bishops' conferences.

He also welcomed the proposal made during the meeting that the IMBISA statutes be revised in the coming three years. 

"Let us walk together!"
(Bishop Lucio Muandula)

* * *
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