God willing... our church will soon be ready

It was a pretty busy weekend. I wonder if the celebration of "Mission Sunday" had something to do with it. Men from the Vicariate of Ingwavuma (South Africa) would be coming to meet members of the Swaziland Council of Catholic Men. The Sacred Heart would held an all night vigil in the Cathedral celebrating St Mary Margaret Alacoque. St Mary's new church would be consecrated and St Peter and Paul (Kwaluseni) would welcome the new priests. 

Another important event took place on Friday afternoon. The community of Gebeni asked if I could go and bless the place where their church is being built. 

I remembered them from my visit last year. We celebrated Mass at the school. They then showed me a place outside the school: "God willing, we will soon be building our church here". The place changed for another very close to the first one and the work has started. 

It is not far from Manzini but due to the fact that most of the way is not tarred, it takes about an hour to reach Gebeni. A bit of rain had blessed the place during the week but Friday was particularly hot. 

We prayed together thanking God for this gift. We asked that as we build the church, we also build our lives and community on the solid foundation that is Jesus. We prayed for those who are making this possible: Catholics from Vietnam through Fr Joseph Nguyen SDB who serves in our diocese. 

I had planned to be back early in Manzini for an appointment at the Cathedral but the people would not let us go back without eating and drinking what they had prepared for us and celebrate together God's blessings in our lives. Soon their new church will be ready.