A banner in front... and one at the back!

Having launched at the Cathedral the Jubilee of Mercy last December, the different parishes have been encouraged to do so locally. The community of the Cathedral felt they should also be doing that and they chose the "Divine Mercy" Sunday as the best time to do it.

Earlier this year, a huge banner was placed behind the altar for everyone to see both the logo and the theme: "Merciful like the Father". You can see it from the door of mercy! 

Then, as I have done in other places, I suggested during the homily writing these words over the doors (from inside) so that -  each time we leave our celebrations - we all remember that is our mission.

I must confess my joy when, just one day later, another huge banner had been placed over the doors and below the choir for everyone to see. As I joked on Sunday, the only chance to miss it would be to leave through the side doors!

Three moments marked our Mass. 

The "Divine Mercy" group of men brought their banner to be blessed by the bishop. They then renewed their commitment in front of the whole community.

People had been asked to bring clothes to share with the poorest in the community. There was a long procession of people placing them by the door of the church. Though the Cathedral is big, one could see from the altar the pile of clothes going up.

The third moment was offering food to the poor after Mass which had been especially prepared for the day. 

Some of our signs of mercy. The Gospel of John made us aware of the journey we might have ahead as we add other signs of mercy in our lives like accepting the gift of peace, healing, reconciliation and "second chances" and offering them to others.

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