At St Joseph's, God is with us!

It was one month' ago when we got the news that Fr Angelo Ciccone OSM had died in a car accident. One year earlier he had been seriously sick and transferred to Johannesburg (South Africa). We were worried but he fully recovered and once back looked even better than before! Nothing prepared us for the news that God could have different plans.

Fr Ciccone OSM had been the founder and soul of the projects at St Joseph's Mission (Mzimpofu). His unexpected departure left many wondering... "what is going to happen now?". I remember walking around St Joseph's on the weekend of his funeral when a child came to me and asked: "who is going to pay for my school fees now that Fr Ciccone is no longer among us?". I just replied: "there is nothing you have to be worried about" and she left smiling.

I know God is with us always and much more when we have been entrusted with the care of children and young people living with disabilities. He will make sure the projects continue and, hopefully, grow too. There are already a number of private benefactors and organisations who spoke to us about their commitment towards the present and future of these projects.

It is not just me. I think we all feel the same way. You can see it when you walk around St Joseph's. While we all miss daily Fr Ciccone's presence, there is peace in everybody's hearts seeing everything running smoothly and everyone working together with the same spirit.

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