A message from the Italian Ambassador in Mozambique

This is a "homemade" translation of the letter
sent by the Italian Ambassador in Mozambique
to the bishop of Manzini

The Italian Ambassador

Maputo, 24 February 2016

Your Excellency,

it is with profound sadness that I heard of the car accident in which Fr Angelo Ciccone lost his life.

I would like with this letter to express, on behalf of all the staff of the Embassy and of the Italian Government, my sincere condolences for the loss of a man of God who has spent most of his life in Swaziland and who has been able, by means of his charitable institutions and inexhaustible activity to touch the hearts and give hope to many Swazi citizens.

I would like, in particular, to remember amongst the many initiatives promoted by Fr Angelo in these many years, together with his confreres of the St Joseph Mission, those directed to people with disabilities for their rehabilitation and professional formation at the Ekululameni Centre beside the many other pedagogical institutions for the educational development of many young Swazi.

In expressing my pride for Fr Angelo Ciccone who has been a living and concrete example of the positive and dedicated presence of Italy in Swaziland, I also wish and hope that through your able guidance and assistance, all the charitable activities and institutions promoted by Fr Ciccone may be able to continue for the good of the Swazi Nation.

Roberto Vellano
Italian Ambassador