Fr Angelo Ciccone OSM (1930 - 2016)

This is a homemade translation of the announcement
of the death of Fr Angelo M. Ciccone OSM
by the Servite Provincial Secretary in Italy

To all the Friars of the Province
Ave + Maria!
Dearest brothers,
today the 22nd February 2016, in the early afternoon, as a consequence of a road accident in Swaziland, has lost his life:
Fr Angelo (Natale) M. Ciccone, osm
a friar priest aged 85, with 69 years of religious profession
Fr Angelo M, a member of the Servite Community at St Joseph's Convent, Mzimpofu, Swaziland, has tied up his name in an unbreakable way with the missionary centre of St Joseph.
A person of good character and a friar with a deep faith, has been able to enter and understand the cultural, religious and artistic reality of the Swazi people and to make good use of the positive aspects in the expression of the faith and community life and becoming a point of reference for all the nation.
He gathered around himself many young people encouraging them to study and turn their dreams into reality.
Another aspect which needs our attention is his missionary activity in taking care of the poor and of the people with physical or psychological problems giving them, first of all hope, making them feel loved and accepted, teaching them a trade so that they could build a future for themselves.
Fr Ciccone has always fought for the continent of Africa, with love and hope, without forgetting the land of his birth, the Neapolitan Province, becoming a mediator between these two realities and assuring an attitude which included both.
He has made aware the Order of the Servites, government departments, NGO's, industries, businesses and private citizens, of the difficulties of the Mission, calling for financial support for projects intended to improve the present and future lives of all the people the Lord Jesus had placed around him.
With Fr Angelo Ciccone's death another page of the history of the presence of the Servants of Mary in Swaziland has come to an end leaving to us a spiritual inheritance of what it means to be Friars who know to give of themselves for the cause of the Kingdom of God, without counting the cost.
We entrust Fr Angelo to the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary so that he may be admitted in the Kingdom of God where love never comes to an end.
At the same time we offer our fraternal prayers for the nephews and relatives of Fr Ciccone so that the Lord Jesus may console and strengthen them.
The date and time of the funeral will be communicated later.

Pier Michele M. Sau, osm
Provincial secretary

Tody, 22 February
Feast of the Chair of St Peter