More than a Sunday evening selfie

It was taken yesterday (Sunday) evening. As usual, what is called "the Bishop's house" is a place where people come and go. There are times when no one is there. Other times it is only Fr George Massa IMC and myself. Yesterday instead we were five for supper and someone suggested taking a "selfie" but it was much more than that.

Supper had been a long sharing on what each one had done during the day. 

As every second Sunday of the month Fr Bruno Pipino IMC had arrived from Maputo (Mozambique) for the celebration of the Mass with the Portughese speaking community in Swaziland. The Mass is celebrated at the Salesian Chapel in Manzini. Next month it will be done at Mbabane.

Fr Mark James OP arrived on Thursday evening from Johannesburg. He comes regularly to serve the deaf community in the country. They also gathered at the Salesian chapel in Manzini. Their attendance is increasing.

Fr George shared on Our Lady of Sorrows (Hluthi) and the baptisms he celebrated at Esikhotheni including looking for some children who were supposed to be there for the sacrament.

I had been at St Alexis (Dlangeni) under St Mary's parish for another of my "unannounced visits". Nicoletta had gone with me. She is from Italy and will be with us until the end of the year at the service of the Refugee Camp (Malindza).

Three different continents and four different countries of birth. All gathered here in Swaziland to witness to the Good News in so many different ways. Much more than a selfie. A thanksgiving celebration!

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