The 'Consolata family spirit'

On the left, Fr Sisto Karrau IMC
On the right, Fr Salvatore Forner IMC
Being "free" on Sunday morning after the all night diocesan pilgrimage to Florence, we planned with Fr Giorgio to rest for a few hours and leave for Maputo in the afternoon. I had some appointments there and it would be a good opportunity for us to spend some time with our "Consolata family" in Mozambique. Many times they had invited us to go to visit them.

We were welcomed at the house by Fr Salvatore Forner IMC who is the superior the house and studied theology with Fr Giorgio... many many years' ago!

Fr Sisto Karrau IMC is now the regional administrator after being entrusted with that service in... Argentina! The first time we met was when he had been appointed to Argentina and passed in South Africa on his way to South America. 

In other words, both Giorgio and myself had lots to talk with Salvatore and Sisto.

Right: Fr Claude Morneau IMC
Going back home by public transport
On Monday morning we went for a long walk with Fr Claude Morneau IMC. It was the first time we met him but he made himself available to take us around Maputo. Together with a visit to the Cathedral, he took us through narrow corridors full of shops, places one does not even imagine they exist, crowded with people cleaning, selling or going for breakfast. As I had my first appointment at midday, Fr Claude negotiated a good price with the driver of a Tuk Tuk taxi (not sure this is the way they are called!) to take us home.

Tuesday morning, on our way back to Manzini, we visited the seminary and Fr Diamantino, superior of our missionaries in Mozambique.

Fr Diamantino, Regional Superior
In a couple of days we met Consolata missionaries from or who had worked in South America, Africa and Europe. Some with whom we knew each other, some we had not seen for decades (like Fr Rogelio Alarcón IMC from Colombia) some we met for the first time.

In every case, it was as if we had known each other forever and had been together since. I guess that is how we are...

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