Swaziland Council of Catholic Men... their mission

Last Sunday, after the homily, the time came for the launching of the SCCM. The first ones to approach the altar were the committee members. Like all the others after them, they received a candle as they heard the words: "be the light of the world, be the salt of the earth". They then took some salt from a bowl being held by Fr Rodney Khuluse, their spiritual adviser. 

I then gave them a copy of the Constitution which will guide their journey. Regarding the aims and objectives of the Swaziland Council of Catholic Men, the Constitution among other things says: 
    • To encourage a maturation of the stewardship and evangelization role of the Adult Male Laity in the Diocese of Manzini;
    • To promote the spiritual growth and Continuing Adult Catholic Catechesis and Formation of the Men and Young Men in the Diocese of Manzini,

    • To encourage members to be pro-active in getting their own families, relatives, friends and acquaintances to receive all outstanding sacraments that they are eligible to receive, in keeping with the teaching of the Church.
    • To encourage members to visit lapsed or lukewarm Catholics to strongly revive sacramental living in accordance with the teaching of the Church.
    • To enable the men and young men in the Diocese as a body to co-operate with other Church structures and formations that already exist to promote the development of the Diocese at Parish and Diocesan level.
    • To initiate, enable and co-operate with other Church projects for the diocese’s empowerment and self reliance, financially, materially and in terms of the development and renewal of church infrastructure;
    • To study the Social Justice teachings of the Church and, in a meaningful way, through word, deed and prayer, to be part of the conscience that is the Church on the promotion of Social Justice in all spheres of life in the Church, in the wider community and in the whole world.
As I said above... "among other things". The list is much longer and it will be for them in the different parishes to identify which of these objectives they can start implementing. Some, like the study of the Social doctrine of the Church will be done at diocesan level and will include not just the men but everyone in the diocese.

From the Swazi Observer on Monday morning


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