Electric guitars at the Vatican...

I arrived in Rome yesterday morning to attend the St Egidio meeting. Just under 100 bishops, mostly from Africa, are here until Saturday evening. It is the 17th year it is done. 

This morning we celebrated Mass at St Peter's and then moved to the Paul VI's hall for Pope Francis' audience.

We were welcomed by a team of musicians from Argentina playing electric guitars, battery and piano. I wondered if it had happened before.

At a certain point they started playing: "Solo le pido a Dio" (I only ask of God...), a song composed by Leon Gieco in 1978. It got all the Argentinians present singing.

Among other things it says: 
"I only ask of God
That i am not indifferent to the battle (to war)
It’s a big monster and it walks hardly on
All the poor innocence of people.

That year nearly saw Argentina going to war with Chile...

As we were singing Pope Francis arrived. He took all the time to greet as many people as he could on his way in and then greeted the musicians before starting the audience. 

Below, the video!


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