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As I shared the other day, last Sunday we had an accident on our way to Klerksdorp. Just a few km before Orkney the place where the ordination would take place there was a four-way stop. We did stop but the vehicle behind us did not.

This is not about the accident but about what happened after that. It was very interesting.

As we were close to Orkney, many of those passing were Catholics on their way to the celebration and many of them slowed down or stopped to ask if they could help in any way.

Some also thought they had arrived to the place where the ordination would be and I was the priest in charge of telling the people where to park their vehicles...

But others... others were coming too fast and I feared they would just go against our vehicle. It seemed they were not looking at the road because I was there making sure they would slow down and avoid the accident site.

I became convinced of that when two of the drivers drove over the triangle!!! Not the "stop" sign, my presence or the triangle made any difference...

In fact, as soon as the police arrived and all the details were taken, the towing company removed the vehicle from the road to avoid another accident...

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