St Lucia Retreat Centre... take a tour! (2)

This time the "tour" is about the new St Lucia Church. To the original plan, a bell was added at the initiate of the people of St Lucia.

The altar needed eight people to be put in place!

This special crucifix was part of the chapel we had before building this church. 

Stone remembering the blessing of the Church and Centre last 1st November 2014

Stained glass of St Lucia bringing together the life of the saint, the history of the place and... 
our local hippos!

The Easter candle is a donation from our friends in Germany.
We thought it would not arrive in time for the opening because of the postal strike but... it even arrived one week early!

On the side of the Church, a garden of remembrance
replacing the previous one next to the old house.

Panoramic view of the church

Evening photograph of the church from the side of the lake