Ekululameni, a centre for the handicapped

This week I visited "Ekululameni", a centre for the handicapped, at St Joseph's Parish. Together with Fr Giorgio Massa IMC we walked for about four hours visiting all the projects being run at the place.
"Every country has its own handicapped people and has to work out its own way of dealing with them. It is believed that every member of the society has a contribution to make and given a chance to develop whatever talent a person has so that the person can become a useful citizen in his or her community. In no way are blind people lesser citizens, they have an equal right to this development. They, too, must be given every chance to make a spirit of self-reliance and a sense of worth."
I have uploaded three videos of the choir of blind children and one of the candle making by blind adults.

Choir 1

Choir 2

Choir 3

Candle making