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Last Saturday I attended the farewell to Sr Barbara at St Phillip's. She is a "Missionary Sister of the Sacred Heart of Jesus" but we usually call her a: "Cabrini Sister" because of the founder of their religious community (Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini). Together with Sr Diane they had developed an amazing project fighting HIV/Aids in one of the most affected areas of our diocese.

At the last Chapter celebrated a few months' ago she was elected Superior General and has now left St Phillip's (Swaziland) for Rome.
I should have recorded the speeches! Each one of them pointed out a particular element of the work done by Sr Barbara and Sr Diane.

I thank Nicole Miller from PACT for sending me hers by email. She said:
"They have worked so hard to build a team of good people who have a passion for providing services to the people in this community. The very reason for building this team was to ensure that the Cabrini team was ready to take on more leadership when it was time for one of the sisters to depart. That is really the true measure of success and that is the legacy that Sister Barbara is leaving"
She had also asked her colleagues to say what they think of Sr Barbara and Sr Diane and this is what they said:

"Sister Barbara is a real firecracker!"

“When I think of Sister Barbara and Sister Diane, I think of 2 angels. But not just regular angels. I think of 2 angels on roller skates rushing around everywhere to make sure that everyone around them is taken care of.

“Barbara is the ultimate “task master” and she always has the well-being of children and families close to her heart.”
It was also very moving when Sr Philippina Mamba OSM (a religious belonging to the Swazi Servite Sisters, born in that area) said: "this is an area that should have been devastated by HIV/Aids and... we are still alive thank to your work among us".

From the time I met Sr Barbara and Sr Diane a couple of years' ago I was always impressed at how different they both are and how well they complement each other being in this way, the best gift they could offer the people of the area and to the diocese.
At the end of the speeches it was Sr Barbara's turn to say a few words. She invited all those who were part or had been part of the Cabrini Ministries to stand up and join her. Not sure who remained seated (aside some of us on the front row). The spirit of Cabrini Ministries had touched the lives of all.
The team had prepared a very special gift for her to carry: a painting that would always remind her of this place that had become home.
The logo of "Cabrini Ministries" at the Centre
Mother Cabrini on the right
St Phillip's Church above
Swazi people below

Pure and genuine religion, in the eyes of God our Father
means caring for orphans and widows in their distress.
James 1: 27

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