Final stop at Namaacha before leaving Mozambique

It's been a blessing to be in Mozambique these days. We are "neighbours" and we know little about each other.

Praying for peace

Last year we heard about the tensions between Frelimo and Renamo and the risk of going back to war. It is said that "those who experience the war do not want to go back to it but there is a young generation who never experienced it..."

For a while news of violence between the two parties were published both in the South African and Swazi media. Then... there has been silence as if nothing else had ever happened. No one knows the number of people that have died since then and I do not know if it is over.

Elections will be held next October. These coming months will be very important. Our dioceses should be one in praying for peace.


On the way back to Manzini, we drove to Namaacha which is on the border with Swaziland. Archbishop Chimoio OFM drove with us and showed us the place. The archdiocese has a big plot where a new shrine might be built in the future. This is a the place where diocesan pilgrimages are held on the feast of our Lady of Fatima. Being on the border with Swaziland I believe we will be joining them sometimes for the celebration.

We then visited the present shrine which has become too small for the diocese. We were welcomed by the image of Mary "Queen of Peace". The shrine was built about 70 years' ago and it is beautiful. Inside, the image of our Lady of Fatima and the three little shepherds.

The last stop was the pastoral centre. The land and building had been nationalized by the government after independence. Back in the hands of the archdiocese, the archbishop transformed it into a pastoral centre served by Sisters from Angola. It is still being fixed and painted but, as usual, I enjoyed taking photos at the paintings done inside: the Good Shepherd, the last supper, the Holy Family of Joseph, Mary and Jesus...

Click HERE for photos of Namaacha


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