Good Friday: the youth leading our prayer

This time is not about the homily of the day but about what was done before the celebration of the Passion of the Lord at Our Lady of Assumption Cathedral (Manzini, Swaziland).

We gathered at about 1.30 at the Salesian School. The youth started the representation of the passion of the Lord following the Gospel of John and was then joined with the whole community praying the Via Crucis.

It was very well prepared and everyone followed it in a spirit of prayer.

From the Salesian School we walked and prayed slowly towards the Cathedral. The made sure the final stations would be done at the entrance of the Cathedral.

There was a very moving moment when Mary held in tears the dead body of Jesus. "I was really crying" she told me later.

It was a great preparation to the Passion which was celebrated in a packed Cathedral.

Youth and bishop before the Passion

Pilot waiting to start the Passion...
Carrying the cross

Being crucified

End of the Passion