Fr Lupupa "not a pastor"

I know that "the way we present something" might attract the reading of an article. I must confess that is why I put the second part of the title of an article published on Saturday on "Swazi News". As you see below the whole title was: "Father Lupupa was a reverend not a pastor". This was a very interesting comment made in one of the speeches after Mass on Friday at Holy Rosary Parish (Mankayane).

There had been another interesting comment when I was asked to send "an old person" to continue his work. Having been said this in SiSwati and not in English we wondered later if it mean an "old person according to the age" or "according to the experience and identification with his call". We believe it was this last one. 

It all points to the quality of service the people of Mankayane (and the whole diocese) had received from Fr Lupupa. 

Mass on Friday was celebrated at Holy Rosary, Mankayane, where he last served until Christmas 2013. He had been working on the building of the new church. While he was in hospital I would "update" him on the progress: "it is practically ready" I told him.

When the news of his death reached them and we agreed on having a Mass in the area, the people told us it could be done in the new church even if it was not 100% ready. 

They did a magnificent job. I had been there on Wednesday but nothing could prepare me for what I would see on Friday. It was nicely decorated and chairs had been well placed to welcome as many people as possible. A tent was put outside to allow others, especially the children of the schools.


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