Centenary Celebrations: Walking together to the venue

Sunday morning, at 9 am, led by the majorettes from St Theresa's School and the Salesian Band we walked from the Cathedral to the Bosco Youth Centre. It was not really a procession. There was “no special order” aside of the fact that the altar servers walked behind the band. The rest of us walked as one community side by side, lay people, religious, priests and bishops.

The children from Our Lady of Sorrows (Hluthi) wanted to join the “procession” but someone called one of the Mantellate Sisters and told her: “you'd better bring the children quickly or they won't find any place”. 

By the way, the place had been beautifully decorated with banners coming from the different parishes, sodalities and religious communities. It was our own creative way of saying “here we are”, “we too celebrate our journey in the Kingdom of Swaziland”.

Keeping time was important as Swazi TV would be broadcasting life the event. 

By 9.30 we were at the Bosco Youth Centre so that bishops and priests would get ready for the Mass. For me it was also the opportunity to greet Fr Mel Loftus OSM and other priests that had arrived from the Vicariate of Ingwavuma and other parts of South Africa.

Mass started just after 10 am. We went into the venue in procession. It was only then that I was struck by the number of people who had come to the celebration. The place was packed and the spirit joyful. 


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