Our history and joy... in banners!

For most of last year, we thought to have the main celebration at "Our Lady of Assumption", the Cathedral of the Diocese of Manzini. 

Then, we realised that there was great excitement regarding the celebration and the venue would not be big enough. We therefore decided to move it to the Bosco Youth Centre, not far from the Cathedral.

Visiting the place, we started talking how to decorate it. It was then that we came with an original idea: we asked each parish and sodality to bring a banner that would show their joy at the celebration. It had to be "home made". 

Last Saturday, two of the parishes surprised us by bringing their, one week before the deadline: St Mary's - Lobamba (above) and St Constantine - Tjaneni (below). 

St Mary's is one of the very first parishes in Swaziland (1927) and included the list of outstations under that parish while St Constantine (born in 1968) reminded us of the production of sugar cane in the area. 

We are looking forward to the rest of the banners!


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