Diocese of Manzini: welcoming the Bishops of the SACBC

I guess someone might wondering. The title says "welcoming the Bishops" and the photo above does not seem to have any! 

Bishops started arriving yesterday but before them, on Monday afternoon, the diocese of Manzini welcomed the team that is behind the organisation of the plenary session and the work of the "Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference" (SACBC) as a body.

From left: Letticia, Sr Hermenegild (Secretary General), Clifford and Fr Grant (Assistant Secretary General). 

They are the ones who prepare all the material that is needed before and during the meeting of the bishops. 

On Tuesday morning they became familiar with logistics in Swaziland (they will have to collect some bishops at the airport), set up their offices and checked that all the rooms were ready.

I believe it is the first time in history that a plenary session of the SACBC is held in Swaziland. We are 29 bishops from Botswana (2 bishops), South Africa (26 bishops) and Swaziland (1 bishop).

Being so used to prepare the meetings, they are able to point out quickly things that might be missing. That is why they arrived one day earlier and helped us make sure everything is ready.

They are hardly seen as normally we, the bishops, become the centre of attention. 

Welcome to Swaziland!

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