Thanking God for the renewed gift of life (update)

Monday evening I went to St Lucia to meet a friend. Leaving Riverview (Mtubatuba) I saw it was 6 pm and there was plenty of time to arrive in St Lucia. I remembered that Radio Veritas prays the Rosary at 6 pm and decided "to join them" in prayer. 

Just at the end of the rosary, while praying the "Salve Regina", the driver of a vehicle coming from St Lucia lost control of it having been hit at the back by another one (who then ran away).

Losing control the vehicle came straight against mine. I tried to avoid it but it was too close. The impact can be seen in the photo.

Finding myself alive and in one piece I thanked the Lord with a "glory be to the Father...". 

I thank God that I was saved by the seat belt and the airbags and I would like to praise all the people that came to the place of the accident: St Lucia and Dukuduku residents, traffic police, local police, fire brigade, paramedics... They were all there in no time and extremely helpful. The road was closed for at least a couple of hours. We keep in our prayers those injured and their families.

* * *

I am told that those injured have been discharged from hospital.