The letter from Pope Francis

Thanks to Marcela, a friend of mine from Argentina living now in the US, I now share the letter from Pope Francis in English.

"I carry you and each of the brothers and sisters in the faith in those foreign lands, in my heart. Please, tell them I think of them and that I encourage them to give themselves to Jesus, who will never fail them, and who will give them the necessary strength to face life with hope and love.

As for you, keep giving your best, especially with priests: listen to them, support and advise them as a father, a friend and a brother. Make them feel your human and spiritual support.

Pastoral work is not easy anywhere, but we are not alone. God’s grace leads, supports and encourages us; it also consoles us when it is necessary, opening new ways to get to people’s heart through the Gospel’s light, which is  really what can clear up doubts, awake conscience and encourage the ones who are feeling beaten.

You are telling me that you pray for me, and it helps a lot. Please, keep doing that since I need it more  than ever, in order to accomplish my mission with certainty and humility. Ask everybody to join you in your prayer, since the Pope without the saint and loyal people’s prayer can hardly accomplish anything.

May Jesus bless you and May the Virgin watch over you, Fraternally in Christ,


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