A delegation from the Diocese of Taichung in Swaziland

I went to Swaziland for a couple of days. Since Saturday a delegation of doctors and young people from Taiwan were visiting the Diocese of Manzini. I wanted to see them before they would go back home and thank them for their visit.

We celebrated Mass in the evening. I pointed out that in that small group that we were, four continents were represented: they were coming from Taichung (Taiwan, Asia) to the Diocese of Manzini (Swaziland, Africa) but one of their diocesan priests (Fr Ramon) was born in Barcelona (Spain, Europe) and I was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina, South America). From four different continents we were together gathered by our faith which makes us brothers and sisters. 

After Mass we had supper at the Bishop's house and then there was a chance for each one of them to share with us all about what they had in their hearts at the end of their short visit (they had arrived on Saturday).

The first ones to talk were the young ones. We were impressed by the fact that some were as young as 13 years' old and they had taken these days not as holidays doing tourism but to serve in a part of the world where they had never been before. Their service was to help the doctors (a general practitioner, a dentist and a heart specialist).

They all felt the joy of being able to put their personal gifts at the service of others. They felt touched by the way they had been welcomed by the people and how they appreciated "even a candy". The saw the contrast between "their world" where they seem to have everything and this one where there is so little. They hope to be able to share with their friends what they had seen, heard, done and experienced. 

Some instead had been in Swaziland before. It was their second or third time in the country and wondered what God was saying by giving them this opportunity. They did not have an answer but they'd certainly keep their hearts open to be able to listen to Him.

All felt it was too short and hoped they would be able to be back again. 


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