WYD: Catechesis

My appointments were in the afternoon so I took part of the morning to go for a walk. Fewer groups walking around. That was a good sign. From today about 300 bishops were available in different places to lead some catechesis on being disciples and missionaries. The sharing would be followed by the celebration of the Mass. 

The groups responded generously attending the catechesis according to their mother tongue. Though most of the catechesis are done in Portuguese, Spanish and English, there are some in French, Italian, Polish and German. Occasionally even Korean, Croatian, Japanese and Mandarine could be found. This last one I know it because I met the bishop who would do it.

Like outside the Catholic Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro everywhere youth groups from different countries gathered for a picture together. They love it!

On my way back I happened to pass in front of the Presbyterian Cathedral. They had decided to welcome the youth of the world too and organised evening meetings for the youth. One can certainly see the difference. While the Cathedral was open but no one was visiting it, I don't think I have seen a single Catholic church empty these days.


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