While in Zambia we were having breakfast when one priest said: “Do you know what Providence is?” and he then told me a story.
Last week I was driving in the middle of nowhere when I hit something and lost all the oil in the car. Someone came and said 'you can fix it by using some soap to sell the crack' which I did. Still, where to find oil at that place? Someone else pointed to a nearby village. I was surprised considering the place was very small. 'How is it that they have it?'. The answered amazed me: 'Last week a truck passing the area lost a big container with oil and the people kept it'.
That is Providence! It seems that God had already provided for my accident...”

I also thought of how Providence had worked in my life. Things that happened in my life which at that point made no sense or had no special meaning became, later on, a sign of God's Providence preparing the future.

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