Hlabisa: Water...! Agua...!

El texto debajo de la foto lo escribió la Hna. Lidia, religiosa dominica de la provincia de Misiones (Argentina). Acababan de terminar el pozo que dará agua al Centro Pastoral, a las Hermanas y los Sacerdotes de la Parroquia del Buen Pastor (Hlabisa). Un verdadero regalo de Dios a través de la familia Raskob en USA que financió el proyecto. 

"To the Bishop, the Donors and everyone who made possible for us to have a borehole again... Thank you very much. And we pray that God may bless you abundantly.
They drilled 120 metres. It was such a mess in the place (muddy). They told us that level of water has water to pumb 3500 liters per hour. I think this is great!!! Pure gift from God...
With Sr. Anna Rose OP, since yesterday, we've been praying and waiting for this moment of water pumping from the heart of the earth. The way the poor men worked... and we waited and prayed and prayed for God's goodnes and generosity gift of water. 

For me it was a such an experience connecting with the Sunday readings "conversion, turning to God". Allowing God to drill inside our hearts to deeper levels where we find the LIVING WATER. If we remain on the surface we most probably have the actitud of the pharisee or run the risk to be destroy as Dived was warm. But if we let God's grace to drill us, to enter beyond the surface of the mess we are converted, and only then we are able to cry and show so much love because we are forgiven so much and the LIVING WATER shoot out for everyone to see and the mess is washed away." Sr Lidia Danyluk OP

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