Two months with a Pope “from the other side of the world”

"Vatican Insider" takes a look at what changes have been and will be made during Francis' pontificate


What has Bergoglio done in the two months since he was elected Pope and what kind of a Pope has he been?

Fondness and confessions
The wave of affection for the new Pope is undeniable, with requests to attend papal audiences skyrocketing. Bergoglio has made contact with the crowds a focal point of his papacy. He spends a great deal of time among the faithful in St. Peter's Square, getting out of the pope-mobile to greet them. During last Wednesday's General Audience he dedicated almost half an hour to talking about contact with people and faithful. Some are sceptical and even irritated by this "honey moon" between the Pope and the people, expecting things to turn sour any minute. This could happen for example is the Pope adopts a rigid stance in the field of sexual morality. It would be a mistake to believe that this new relationship is being blown out of proportion by the media. Pope Francis spoke of mercy right from the outset and this triggered something deeper than mere fondness in the hearts of faithful. So many approached the Catholic faith again after decades of estrangement from the Church and they themselves say Francis' words are to thank for this.

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